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  • D1.2 Report on scenario calculations – September 2022
  • D1.4 Report on Impact of fuel cycle analysis in facilities and transport and economic evaluation – September 2023
  • D1.5 Synthesis of the impact of the Pu management in the fuel cycle – September 2024
  • D2.9 Methodological standards proposal for safety analysis of high Pu fuels – September 2024

D3.1 State of the art on MOX thermal properties with atomic scale modelling. New calculations and requirements for new measurements – September 2022

D3.3 State of the art on MOX mechanical properties. Requirements on measurements of mechanical properties – September 2022

D3.4 Finite element modelling of fuel rod – September 2022

D3.5 Calculation of melting temperature with CALPHAD based on recent measurements – September 2022

D3.6 Effect of burn up and uncertainties on the melting temperature – September 2024

D3.9 New MOX fuel properties catalogue (20 – 45% Pu range) – September 2024

  • D4.1 Comparison of MTR and FR core characteristics and related fuel pin performance – March 2022
  • D4.2 Irradiation condition requirements for FR fuel qualification and the applicability of FR and MTR – September 2022
  • D4.3 Comparison of MTR and FR fuel irradiation experiments for assessment of the validity of MTR irradiations for FR fuel qualifications – May 2023
  • D5.1 Co-ordination of Pu-active and HA dissolution experiments WP5 13 – March 2022
  • D5.5 Impact of high Pu content MOx fuels on the first step of reprocessing – September 2024
  • D7.3 Project Quality Plan – December 2020