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PuMMA aims to define different options for
Plutonium (Pu) management in Generation IV
nuclear reactors, by evaluating the impact of high
Pu content on the whole fuel cycle, reactor safety
and performance.
making nuclear energy more sustainable

Developing sustainable sources for clean energy production has become a top priority as climate change becomes an increasing threat. In order to contribute to this energy transition, PuMMA will conduct research that significantly improves fuel cycle knowledge in Generation IV nuclear reactors, thus enabling the recycling of used fuels and boosting fuel performance. This will ultimately lead to increased sustainability and performance of nuclear energy.

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plutonium management

How is Plutonium (Pu) managed in nuclear reactors? Why are fuel cycle knowledge and Pu recycling critical to make nuclear energy production more sustainable and performant?

project results

All of the public deliverables produced within the PuMMA project will be made available on the website.

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PuMMA’s consortium is made of 20 partners from 12 countries. It involves experienced scientific organisations from research and academia, and from both the private and public sectors.