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The PuMMA project organized its 4th workshop on Fuel properties, in Bologna Italy. Hosted by our partner ENEA, the workshop brought together a diverse group of resarcher from the nuclear sector in Europe and outside.

The workshop covered a range of topics, including the thermal and mechanical properties of different fuel types, for both fresh and irradiated materials. It also addressed the challenges associated with the comprehension of the material characteristics on their properties. The parameters studied were density, Pu content, stoichiometry, and temperature, as well as the effect of the irradiation like fission gases, fission products dissolved in the matrix or precipitated as an oxide or metallic phases..

Empowering Presentations from Nuclear Scholars:

The workshop showcased captivating presentations from PhD students, postdocsand researcherswho shared their original and invaluable results and provided insights into the international framework. These discussions were essential in expanding our understanding of fuel behaviour, driving innovation, and paving the way for advancements in the field. The exchange of ideas and the vibrant discussions fostered an environment of innovation and collaboration, driving the PuMMA project toward its ambitious goals.

Turning the workshops into a MOOC:

We are proud to launch a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in the fall that will gather all the presentations from this workshop and the three previous workshops:

  • Workshop 1: Fuel cycle scenarios, CIEMAT, Madrid, November 2nd-3rd, 2021
  • Workshop 2: Reprocessing, NNL, Manchester, December 13-14, 2022
  • Workshop 3: Fuel qualification and code validation, JRC and NRG Petten, 6-7 Sept. 2022
  • Workshop 4 : Fuel properties, Bologna, June 15-16, 2023

This MOOC will serve as a valuable resource of knowledge and insights shared during these workshops accessible to a wider audience. It will provide a unique opportunity for learners and professionals in the nuclear field to enhance their understanding of fuel properties and contribute to the advancement of nuclear innovation.

In conclusion, this 4th workshop stands as a milestone to the PuMMA project’s dedication to nuclear innovation. We extend our sincere appreciation to all participants for their invaluable contributions. As we prepare for the launch of the MOOC, we invite you to stay tuned for more updates!

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